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The Quality of Service

We provide a range of services much different than many competitors. Not only do we ensure that all of the products we offer and represent meet our strict quality guidelines, but we also guarantee that our customers understand the way that we conduct business. Our business and relationships are straight forward so that we can provide you with the services you need in a timely manner.

If you have question regarding any step of the process, you will not find yourself stuck on the phone with a 1(800) automated or electronic response, simply because we take our business very seriously and we develop relationships with each and every customer we serve to make sure that you are not just another number in the system. Your business is unique and we value that.


We work with a large number of suppliers across the United States to ensure the best quality products for our clients. Working closely with our well qualified partners and focusing on metal fabrication, assemblies, and machining, we know our materials as well as we know our customers and their needs. We verify that all of the products we supply meet our strenuous quality guidelines and your needs.


We have the ability to fabricate and assemble virtually any type of product you may need at a lower expense to you. With the ability to focus specifically on the supply chain, we can take the burden of locating and pricing materials off of you so that you can focus on what important, the project itself.


With locations along the Eastern seaboard and partners across the United States, there is nowhere we cannot go to assist you. We have representatives in Buffalo, New York and Charleston, South Carolina. When cost is a determining factor, we also have the ability to work closely with suppliers overseas to meet your specific needs.

Friendly And Supportive

Our staff is a dedicated group of individuals from across the United States. We care about every project that we undertake and we strive to provide you with all of the knowledge about the products and services we provide so that you do not have to worry about the process at any given time.

What We Can Offer

We offer a wide range of services across industries including Product Fabrication, Assembly, Kitting and Packaging, Purchasing Services, and Sourcing and Procurement Assistance. For each of our services, we provide some of the highest quality of materials and services in the market, partnering with well qualified partners to provide you with products ranging from sheet metal to complex fabricated assemblies.



One place for all of your fabrication and assembly needs. This is the basis behind our Manufacturing and Fabrication. Finding a manufacturer to fabricate and assemble a product can be time consuming and logistically challenging. Many times, numerous sources are required in order to gain a finalized product, leading to confusion, hassle, and a high cost of development. By choosing us, you can rest assured that we will provide you quality products at an affordable cost; In most cases, our direct connection and partnerships with suppliers allows us to maintain our continuously lower development costs.

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As a supplier, one of the most important aspect of your products is how they are represented. Normally brand representation takes a full marketing department to determine where the supplies should be marketed and how to make connections with prospective customers. We revolutionize this process. Customers look to us to fabricate and assemble complex parts in a range of small to large quantity orders. By partnering with us, we can provide you with a direct stream of business, saving you the time and expense of market analysis and strategy.

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Finding a consistent supply chain for fabricated and assembled goods can be challenging. Normally, companies specialize in a specific type of fabrication, forcing you to work with numerous different companies to receive all of your products. This is where we come in. Combining our dynamic ability to fabricate and assemble complex products with our ability to organize the logistical processes required to oversee a mass production operation, we are able to replace a conventional management staff, saving you time, energy and money. We offer a wide range of management solutions, from order processing to full management and representation, removing the need to worry about if and when a product will be finished and available.

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