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Manufacturing and Fabrication

We provide a range of services much different than many competitors. Not only do we ensure that all of the products we offer and represent meet our strict quality guidelines, but we also guarantee that our customers understand the way that we conduct business. Our business and relationships are straight forward so that we can provide you with the services you need in a timely manner.

If you have question regarding any step of the process, you will not find yourself stuck on the phone with a 1(800) automated or electronic response, simply because we take our business very seriously and we develop relationships with each and every customer we serve to make sure that you are not just another number in the system. Your business is unique and we value that.

Working closely with well qualified partners, we offer a wide range of fabrication and assembly, including, but not limited to:

- Custom Metal Fabrication
- Mechanical and Electrical Systems
- Machining and Machined Parts
- Copper and Aluminum Bus Bar Fabrication
- Power and Grounding Materials
- Non-Metal and Composite Fabrication
- Kitting and Sub-Assembly
- Fasteners

Power and
Grounding Materials

In addition to multiple types of bus bar, laminations, and ground bar kits and assemblies, we also supply fuses, power cable/wire, lugs/terminals, crimping tools, breakers, contactors, ground fault indicators, fuse alarms. and fasteners.

Lee Concepts is the official US distributor for all Jean Muller products and fuse links, fuse holders, and bases. Many of our customers choose to purchase these over Siba, Bussmann, Mersen and other manufacturers due to their superior performance and significant cost savings. Many of our customers choose Jean Muller fuses over competing manufacturers due to their superior performance and significant cost savings. We serve as a distributor for OEZ fuses, MCCB's, and breakers as well.

We are also a major distributor for Sika Mechanical Measuring, Flow Measuring, Electronic Measuring and Calibration, and Marine instruments.


We partner with a large group of companies across the United States to provide you with some of the highest quality materials for product development and serve as one location for all of your fabrication and assembly needs. This is the basis behind our Manufacturing and Fabrication. If we do not already have a partner to meet your exact needs, we will locate the right one to do the job and complete your project to your expectations

We have the ability to fabricate and assemble complex products in large and small scale. Working our well qualified partners, we offer a wide range of fabrication and assembly including but not limited to custom sheet Metal Fabrication, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, CNC Fabrication, CNC Machines, Bus Bar Fabrication, Custom Copper Parts, Electroplating, Metal Fasteners and Hardware, Electromechanical and Sub-Assembly, Cable Assembly, Laser Services, and numerous others.

By choosing us, you can rest assured that we will provide you quality products at an affordable cost; In most cases, our direct connection and partnerships with suppliers allows us to maintain our continuously lower development costs.


Rather than the frustration of ordering a component from multiple manufacturers and having to worry about who you will find to properly assemble and package your products, we offer the ability to take care of all of your needs in a single location.

We specialize in the assembly and packaging of complex products, including electrical and sub-assemblies, sheet metal components, prototypes, copper piping/other materials, and a wide variety of other items. We start with a Bill of Materials and finish by fabricating, assembling, packaging, and delivering your finished product direct to you or your customer. We also feature dynamic scalability. No matter if your project is a one time prototype or staggered shipments, we can get a qualityfinished product to you or your customer's site every time.