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Our Partners

We started as a small business with a minimal number of partners, and over the course of several years, we worked closely with other businesses to provide them with the fabricated and assembled products they needed in a timely fashion. We kept this model through the expansion of our company to make sure that we keep everyone in mind. Today we partner with numerous larger and small businesses to meet the specific needs of our customers. The one thing that sets us apart from other competitors is our ability to scale to a specific project. Whether you need a steady supply of custom fabricated parts, or one prototype, we can meet all of your needs with affordable prices and timely delivery dates.




Lee Concepts is proud to be the official North American distributor for all Jean Muller products and fuse links, fuse holders, and bases. Many of our customers choose Jean Muller fuses over competing manufacturers due to their superior performance and significant cost savings. As an official Jean Muller distributor, we are able to offer direct and extraordinary support throughout the quoting and procurement processes, locating exactly what you need.

We offer a wide range of other fuse types for small, medium, and large scale applications. Lee Concepts also serves as a distributor for OEZ fuses, MCCB's, and breakers.

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Lee Concepts supplies nearly anything copper, including laminate/flex bus bar, insulators, and decorative copper. We provide some of the highest quality materials and services in the market, featuring strict quality inspection and testing throughout the product development process.

Our fabrication utilizes cutting edge CNC and other advanced technology, plus shears, presses, press breaks, as well as water jet and punching machines, to produce materials and finish products that are capable of meeting numerous industry standards. Our prototyping capability can put product samples in your hands for evaluation in a matter of days.

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Our primary sheet metal fabrication, electrical, and mechanical assembly partners have a complete line of metal working equipment, including numerically controlled press brakes, cutting saws, shears, lasers, Trumpf CNC presses, punch machines, and finishing equipment. We offer machining, drilling/tapping, welding, and a full range of coating services.

With state of the art 70,000+ sq. ft. 55 ft. high bay facilities including multi-overhead crane lifting, we have the ability to fabricate anything from a prototype to a high volume of sheet metal parts. Together we have the ability to manufacture large systems all in one location, making collaboration easy and frustration free. We also offer the ability to scale to your individual needs each and every time.

Custom fabrication capabilities include: Eccentric Flanges, Heavy Weldments, Skid Packages, Heat Exchangers, and Wastewater Equipment.

Our qualifications and certifications include UL, ASME, Weld Procedure Specifications, ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance, in addition to multiple Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Stamps

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Our capabilities include milling, drilling, and turning for very large parts up to 90 feet and all the way down to small precision parts and products. Our highly skilled craftsmen specialize in high-precision, close tolerant and complex machined products for numerous industries. Our Engineering staff is available to provide engineering guidance, support, and feedback during the entire life cycle of your product's development. We offer helpful guidance for new products, re-design existing parts for improved performance and price reduction, and provide reliable production support. We also provide complete assembly/sub-assembly and testing services.

Our CNC machining centers operate continuously to manufacture your parts and deliver the best overall value. Standard Work and defined processes, precision sub-assembly, meticulous testing, and high quality control standards ensure that our finished parts and products meet each of your requirements.

We also offer a combination screw machine services for close tolerance parts, with numerous machining centers for more intricate, low volume machining. Utilizing CNC technology allows production of complex metal parts while maintaining strength and durability. Overall we provide industry leading expertise in high and low volume output metal manufacturing.

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Our partnerships supply quality production and MRO fasteners across the United States. They feature the ability to cross reference any manufacture number or NSN to provide customers with any fastener on the market, as well as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions. Serving as leading distributors for the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, technology, and military industries, they are able to source and fabricate customized products to meet client's needs on a dynamic output basis; providing fasteners for both large scale and small scale projects.

Our channels have the ability to source and supply foreign and domestically, and also provide high volume nuts, bolts, washers, thread rod, studs, and many other fastener types and materials. With multi-million dollars in inventory, we can quickly deliver most products as quickly as you need.

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We offer electrical, electronic, and electro mechanical assembly, specializing in cable and harness assembly, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly, nameplates, buttons, and small panel assembly work. We are able to scale to meet your demands, ranging from the production of sub-assembly to turnkey products at low to medium volumes. Our standards include military, UL, IPC and NEC, and we can offer engineering support, plus design assistance for prototypes and also whenever last minute changes are needed.

We are able to provide a range of kitting and sub assembly work, from very small to large scale projects and can offer engineering support and design assistance if last minute changes need to be made.

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Our leading suppliers specialize in composite plastic materials. Through them we offer the ability to supply GPO3 and all forms of Poly-Carbonate Plastics in dynamic quantities. We also feature the ability to do extensive fabrication work to meet virtually any of your needs.

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In addition to bus and ground bar, we also supply a wide range of fuses, including Jean Muller plus many more, power cable/wire, lugs/terminals and crimping tools, breakers, AC/DC drives, relays, switches, contactors, ground fault indicators, fuse alarms, and specialty fasteners.

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